General Info contd.
The safety and well being of your child is of primary concern.  For this reason, each member of our staff
undergoes a background check every 2 years.  Each staff member receives training in youth ministry and
the Pathfinder curriculum.  At least 50% of our staff are Master Guides which is the highest leadership
award offered in the Pathfinder Organization.  Adult staff is in a ratio of at least 1 adult to 5 pathfinders.

Schedule & Announcements
Regular club meetings occur on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 10am to 12 noon

Drill team, Drum Corps and PBE (Pathfinder Bible Experience) team practices are scheduled at other

Trips, camps and community service events are scheduled at other times as well.

An online schedule on the club website is available and a newsletter is sent by email at least monthly with
an updated schedule.  The parent and Pathfinder are responsible for keeping updated by reading the
newsletter, providing a valid email address, checking the club
Facebook page  and keeping up with the
schedule as posted.

Registration and dues annually covers individual registration with the pathfinder organization, mandatory  
insurance  for each member, registration with the Lake Region Conference and basic supplies for each

Sometimes there are trip fees which helps to offset the cost of the trip.  The Hyde Park Seventh-day
Adventist Church generously supports the club with finances and meeting space.  However, they are not
able to fund our operating expenses 100%.

Fundraisers help to cover the greater expenses incurred by trips, camps and maintenance/replacement
of camping equipment, honors supplies, etc. Each Pathfinder is expected to participate wholeheartedly
in fundraising projects.  Fundraisers help to reduce or eliminate trip fees.  Our major fundraiser event
each year is
SHINEFest - a barbecue held each July - Each Pathfinder is expected to sell at least 5
tickets or get equivalent donations.  In addition, we have an ongoing fundraiser with where all
online purchases generate a donation to the club.

Payment can be made in cash or by checks made payable to Hyde Park Constellations Pathfinder Club.

Sponsorships are available.  Please contact the club director for further details.
To be a member of the Club, Pathfinders need a field uniform/club T-shirt or sweat shirt (Class B), a
conference T-shirt (class C) and a full dress uniform (Class A).  Uniforms can cost up to $115 at first
registration.  Used uniforms may be sold/given to another Pathfinder if in good condition.
•        Class B uniform consists of a club t-shirt and jeans. Club t-shirts can be purchased at registration.
Class C uniform is also ordered at registration and is worn at area and conference events as instructed.
•        Class A dress uniform includes black pants/skirt; a khaki shirt or blouse with all patches; a tie; an
official Pathfinder belt; a yellow scarf, and Pathfinder slide, a black honor sash, a gold beret, black club
shoes, black socks.
•        Class A uniform for TLT’s is similar except the shirt is white, the beret is red, there is a red and
black shoulder cord and black & red gloves (the females wear black pantyhose)
•        A chart is enclosed with a diagram to help you correctly position the insignia (patches).
•        Girls and women may wear uniform (modest, to the waist, with belt loops) long pants while
participating in Drill Team events other than those in church or Lake Region Conference Pathfinder Fair.
Skirts will be the required for all women and girls at all other times, in accordance with Lake Region
Conference Pathfinder policy.
•        A garment bag for proper storage and transport of the Class A uniform is to be purchased
Uniform parts are ordered from the following vendors – no substitutions:
        Advent Source or 1-800-328-0525.  
        Beret, gloves and shoulder braid from The Parade Store
        Shoes are Plus One Black marching shoe available from   
        Garment bags (black promotional garment bag) from http//  Or you may
purchase an alternate garment bag.

The goal is to have every Constellations club member complete their course work successfully and get
invested at the end of the Pathfinder Year.  For detailed information regarding course work, see
Investiture Achievement