Uniform Details

The Pathfinder uniform consists of many parts.  This page will help parents and
Pathfinders have their uniforms accurate and looking their best.

The following items constitute the Class A uniform and are available from
  • Shirt
  • Tie (tuxedo for females/plain for males)
  • Pants/Skirt
  • Belt and buckle
  • Scarf and slide
  • World, Pathfinder triangle and beret triangle patches
  • TLT patch & cord (for TLTs only)

Items from the
Parade Store
  • Beret - gold  (red for TLTs) - model # 4062
  • Gloves (black and red for TLTs) - model # 6400
  • Gloves (white) - model # 1055

Items from S W Band Products
  • Shoes (black - Plus One)
  • Garment bag (black 40" poly-soft)

The following items are obtained from the club:
  • Club crest
  • Conference Patch
  • Club/Field t-shirt
  • Conference/Class C t-shirt

Club t-shirt is to be worn at every club meeting or outing unless the Class A
uniform is specified.  

The Class A uniform is to be stored with all parts in a garment bag to keep items
from getting lost.  If one does not have a garment bag, one can be purchased
from S.W. Band Products (see above)

Please see the diagrams for proper placement of patches.
Uniform Front and side