•        Bible
•        Pen/pencil
•        Class Journal/workbook
•        Sleeping bag & blanket/bedding
•        Sleeping mat
•        OPTIONAL: Camp cot/air mattress
(TWIN SIZE only) – must have your own
air pump and batteries
•        Pillow
•        Towel
•        Garbage  bag (for wet/dirty
•        Washcloth
  • Bath soap/shower gel
    (biodegradable preferred)
•        Deodorant
•        Lotion (unscented)
•        Flip flops/shower shoes
•        Insect repellant (OFF or similar)
•        Sunscreen
•        Flash light (good to have your
own spare batteries)
•        Walking boots/gym shoes –
slippers not appropriate/safe for hiking
or wearing during camp except for
•        Water bottle
•        Small dust broom and pan to
keep tent clean
•        Whistle to call for assistance if
  • Class A uniform
•        Pajamas/sleepwear
•        Jacket/hoodie/rain gear
•        Club t-shirt
•        Additional shirts/tops (no
halters/tank tops)
•        Jeans/shorts (no short shorts)
•        Socks at least 4 pair
•        Underwear

Remember to pack according
weather forecast!
What to Bring

Please be sure items are labeled so the owner can be identified in
the event something is lost
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items including electronic
items.  Talking on cell phones, text messaging, playing games or having
earbuds/headphones in use during activities/worship/classes is NOT
appropriate.  Please refrain/instruct your child to refrain from their use
during these times.  If you/or child persists in the inappropriate use of an
electronic device, you will be required to hand over the item to a staff
member until the camp is over.  In that event we are still not responsible
for lost or stolen items.